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Geolocation issues - Buffer zones, Exclusion zones & State borders

A buffer zone is simply a radius within which we are able to determine your position. Depending on the source being used to locate you, the surrounding buffer zone will change. 

  • If you are connecting using GPS / location services on mobile, the buffer zone will be approximately 33 feet.
  • When connecting through Wi-Fi, the buffer zone will be around 328 yards.
  • If you are using Cellular Data alone (without GPS or Wi-Fi) the buffer extends 3 miles.

Please keep this in mind when you are close to any state border or exclusion zone, as you may experience issues successfully geolocating.

For the record, exclusion zones include all tribal lands in MI and CO, any land-based casino in PA, and the New York harbor islands (Liberty and Ellis Islands) in NJ. Major interstate highways near borders are also exclusion zones. 

This can especially cause issues if you are using Cellular Data alone since this means we are only able to determine your true location within a 3-mile radius.

To pass geolocation, we suggest you play using Wi-Fi, or from a mobile device with location services/GPS enabled.

Alternatively, you may also attempt to geolocate from a location that is further from the state's border or exclusion zone. 


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