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Bet settlement, canceling or voiding a bet

Most bets you place at PokerStars Sports will settle within one hour. Occasionally, we might take a little longer because the official results are delayed.

If an hour has passed since the result was announced, contact us so we can settle your bet manually.

Please bring the BetID with you when asking about a wager.

How can I find the BetID?

The BetID is on your bet slip, the long number beginning with two. You can also find the BetID in your betting history:

  1. Tap on your username in the top right.
  2. Then choose ‘Sports’.
  3. Select ‘Betting History’.
Desktop software
  1. Select ‘Tools’ on the right-hand side of the main lobby.
  2. Choose ‘Sports’.
  3. Then tap ‘Betting History’.
Mobile app
  1. Tap on ‘Account’ at the bottom of the main screen.
  2. Choose ‘History’.
  3. Select ‘Betting History’.

My bet is settled. Why hasn't my balance updated yet?

When we're busy, your bet could show as settled in your account before your balance updates. Please allow 15-20 minutes for your funds to appear. Also, try logging out and back in again. If you still can't see your new balance, get in touch with us.

Can I cancel my bet?

Once you place and confirm a bet and we accept it, we can't cancel it. The deal is struck! We show this very clearly on our site's 'Sports Rules' page under 'Bet Acceptance'.

"[...] once accepted, a bet will remain valid and cannot be canceled or changed. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure the details of the bets placed are correct."

For a complete overview of our Sports rules:

  1. Go right to the bottom of our website.
  2. Choose ‘Sports Rules’ under ‘How To’:
    • ‘General Sports Rules’ covers all normal betting.
    • ‘Games’ explains the rules for each sport.

What happens if you void a bet?

On rare occasions, we might have to void a bet. We settle the bet at odds of 1.0 and return your stake to you. You neither win nor lose any money.

If the bet is part of a multiple, we settle that leg at odds of 1.0. Then the rest of the bet stands. For example, if you won two legs and we had to void one, your winnings would be:

  • Odds of selection one x odds of selection two x 1.0

What about voided bets in tennis?

In tennis, when a player retires and doesn't finish a match, all bets are off. We void any wagers on the game and return your stake.

The exception arises in bets where the outcome has already been decided. For instance, say you bet on 'Set One Winner', your player wins the first set, then retires in the third. We still pay out, as the outcome was already finalized.

Our tennis rules state: "In the event of retirement, disqualification, or change of surface mid-match, bets will be void unless there is no conceivable way the set and/or match could be played to its natural conclusion without unconditionally determining the result of that market."

To see our tennis rules in full:

  1. Go to the bottom of our website.
  2. Choose 'Sports Rules'.
  3. Select the dropdown menu called 'Sports'.
  4. Choose Tennis.

How about individual player bets like First Goal Scorer?

When you bet on an individual player market, the bet stands if your selection plays any part in the match.

For example:

  • You bet on Harry Kane to score first in Tottenham vs Man U. Kane comes on as a substitute in the 89th minute.
    • Your bet still counts as a loser, as Kane stepped on the pitch during normal time. Normal time means 90 mins + injury time and doesn't include extra time or penalties unless otherwise stated.
    • If he didn't start the game and never came off the bench, we would void your bet and return your stake.


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