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Cashing out your bets

You can use our cash out feature to settle your bet before the sporting event finishes.

How do I cash out my bet?

You'll see a 'Cash Out' button on your bet slip if you have this option. The button shows the amount you can choose to lock in.

If you press this button, we'll settle your wager right away. The outcome of the sporting event will not matter anymore. We close the bet and your profits (or losses) are locked in.

Why is the cash out option not showing?

We offer this option on in-play and pre-match single and multiple bets whenever we can.

We can't offer it on every market though and we might withdraw it at any time.

What should I do if the cash out button doesn't work?

If the market is suspended or the odds change because, for example, a goal is scored, your cash out might not go through.

If you try to cash out but get an error message, try again. If this still doesn't work, please send us the following information:

  • The Bet ID of the bet you were trying to cash out.
  • What device are you using - phone, tablet, laptop or PC?
  • When did you try to cash out?
  • What operating system does this device use? For example, iOS 15.4 or Windows 10.
  • What browser are you using - Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge?

Once we receive this information, we'll investigate and get back to you.


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