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RSA Security Token information and explanation

The RSA Security Token is the most secure option to protect your account. It's a small device that, once activated, is unique to your account.

Can I share my RSA Security Token?

No. The RSA Token is linked to a particular account, and you can't transfer the device to another account. It's also impossible to request a token on behalf of a friend.

You can't use it with a third-party application that also uses an RSA Token; neither can you use tokens provided by a third party with your account.

What's the One Time Password (OTP) sheet?

The OTP sheet is a backup for the RSA Security Token. If you lose your RSA Security Token, you can use a password from this sheet to log in instead. Each sheet comes with 25 passwords. You can use each of these passwords once. You can contact us to get a new sheet if you need to.

If you've lost both your RSA Security Token and your OTP sheet, you can contact us using one of the links to our contact page available in our Help Centers, desktop software, and mobile apps.

What's the Restricted Access feature?

Suppose you lose or damage your RSA Security Token and your OTP sheet is inaccessible. In that case, the Restricted Access feature is a backup to allow you to log in to our software and play in tournaments you're already registered. To access it:

  1. Load our software, and select 'Login'.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Choose 'I have lost my token...'.
  4. Select 'Restricted Access'.

What's the Token battery life?

We expect the RSA Security Token batteries to run for over seven years. The battery life is very reliable since the device is self-contained (no moving parts, no switching on/off). The battery length may vary if you store your token in extreme heat or cold, but it shouldn't be a problem in normal operating conditions.

Each token will be limited by the length of its RSA license, which is 3 years. You can check the expiry date on the back of the token. Once expired, the token will stop working, and then you can request a new one.

You can read more about this and all our security features here.


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