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Playing in and out of Colorado

Playing in Colorado

As a resident of the state of Colorado and in compliance with the Colorado Division of Gaming regulations, when you’re in Colorado you can't play on any of our other real money platforms. We offer real money sports games as a gaming operator for Lady Luck Casino Black Hawk.

Playing abroad

If you travel to other jurisdictions you can either use your existing account (if that's legal in the country you’re visiting) or create a new one.

More info you should know:

  • You need to be 21 years or older and have a Social Security Number (SSN) to play real money sports games in the state of Colorado.
  • In countries with local online gaming regulations, you need to follow the requirements of that region (e.g. verification process, account validation, etc).

For more information on our Terms of Service, visit this page.

If you're moving abroad permanently, get in touch with us through our website.


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