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Restrict sports stake limit feature

A good way of controlling how much you spend on our site is to define wagering limits on sports bets.

To set sports stake limits on your account, follow these steps (depending on the device you're using):

  • Desktop: 'Tools' → 'Responsible Gaming' → 'Restrict Sports Stake Limit'
  • Website: 'Account' → 'Responsible Gaming' → 'Restrict Sports Stake Limit'
  • Mobile: 'Menu' (Android) or 'More' (iOS) → 'Settings & Tools' → 'Responsible Gaming' → 'Restrict Sports Stake Limit'

When you make a request to increase or remove a limit, your request will be pending for 24 hours. After this time frame, you'll have to confirm your decision next time you log into your account. However, whenever you make a request to lower your limits, we'll approve it immediately.

If you'd like to exclude yourself from playing any of our Sports products, you can do so by choosing 'DON'T PLAY (restrict all)'.


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