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Golf Each-Way

When you're making a split bet, half of your stake goes to the Outright Winner, and the other half goes to the other finishing positions. These bets will be labeled to show the number of places being paid, for example:

First 5 places at ¼ odds:
If you place $10 on Rory McIlroy at +1800 odds, you're betting $5 on him to win and $5 for him to finish 2nd to 5th.

If he wins the tournament outright you get paid on both bets:

• $5 (at +1800 odds) = $90
• $5 (at +450) *this is ¼ of +1800 odds* = $22.50
• Total payout = $112.50 winnings, plus $10 stake returned = $122.50

And, if he finishes 2nd to 5th, you are getting paid on half of your bet:

• Outright winner part of the wager pays nothing.
• 2nd to 5th places pays - $5 (at +450) *this is ¼ of +1800 odds* = $22.50
• Total payout = $22.50 winnings, with $0 stake returned ($5 stake on the outright winner and $5 stake on the 2nd to 5th cancel each other out), so overall you're getting back $22.50.


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