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Solving disconnection issues with the mobile app on Wi-Fi (Android devices)

To help you maximise the use of our Android app please review the following suggestions:

  • Free some memory in your device - If you are running several apps in the background, our mobile app might not be able to access sufficient system resources, hence disconnect more often. To resolve this, minimize the number of apps running in the background. All you need to do is access the 'Recent Apps' button on the bottom right hand side of your device and the list of recently opened apps will come up, swiping each of the apps to the left or to the right will close them.

  • Ensure the router connection is not swamped - Stop running any programs that are accessing the Internet at the same time, this includes streaming video/audio, downloading files or updating software. These could be running in another computer accessing the network, like the PC for example, and it could be limiting the connection between you and our server while playing on the Android device.

  • Ensure your router has the latest firmware - Check that you have the latest firmware for your modem/router. To upgrade your firmware, please contact the vendor or manufacturer of your device.

  • Configure your router - Some Super-G or Super-G Turbo routers (such as the DLink DI-624+ and others) have a problem running in Turbo mode. Many wireless routers use channel hopping to bond multiple channels in support of this feature, but it is highly susceptible to interference from other 2.4GHz wireless networks and devices. Turning off the channel hopping feature (or the Super- G/Super-G Turbo mode) of such devices will turn them into a standard 802.11g wireless device and may make them more stable. Please contact your router vendor or router documentation for more assistance with turning off these features of your router.

  • Encryption settings - If you have set up your wireless router as a secure connection that requires an encryption key in order to access the network then the handshaking and renegotiation that follows a disconnection via an encrypted network can cause such disconnections to be more lengthy over an encrypted network. An open wireless network, with no WEP or WPA encryption, will still suffer disconnects but the reconnects will happen much more quickly and will have far less effect on your game. Please note that this is not considered secure, and if you do this you may wish to use other methods to secure your network from outside use, such as MAC address filtering restrictions. Please see your wireless router guide for additional details.


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