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Cards: Deposit issues with a new card

Possible reasons why you are having difficulties with your new card include:

  • You are using the Fast Deposit option, which uses stored information from previously used cards. If this is the case:
    1. Go to the Cashier and click on Fast Deposit Options
    2. Select None and then hit Save
    3. To store your new card details for future fast deposits, make a new deposit in the Cashier and tick the Save payment information and make this my Fast Deposit account box

  • You are attempting your deposit using the pre-filled information in the previously used method's pop-up screen.
    1. To use a new card number: click the Remove button and then Confirm
    2. To keep the stored information and use a different option: click on Other payment and you'll be taken to the Cashier

  • Your new card is restricted from online gaming transactions. Please contact your card issuer to confirm and remove this restriction if possible.


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