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Changing how odds are displayed

You can choose how the odds are displayed on the betting page. We offer the three most popular methods: AmericanFractional and Decimal.

Go to the Sports page to choose your preferred option. Near the bottom of the page, just after the board of available games, there will be a drop-down with the three options:

  • American odds: These are common in North America and odds are based on $100 amounts. If the odds show a '+', this is how much you would win for a bet of 100 and if they show a '-', that's the amount to place to win 100 units.
  • Fractional odds: These are commonly used in the UK. It's displayed as a fractional number and does not include the bet amount when displayed.
    • Example: $1 bet at odds of 2/1 would give a total payout including bet amount of $3. The first number, in this instance 2, indicates the payouts based on a bet amount equalling the second number, in this instance 1. So a $1 bet would payout $2 profit and $1 bet, totalling $3.
  • Decimal odds: These are common in Europe and Asia and are displayed inclusive of the bet amount.
    • Example: $1 bet at odds of 3.00 would give a total payout including bet amount of $3. The decimal odds are multiplied by the bet amount, in this instance 3 x 1, to give total payouts of $3.

By default, the odds format will show American style odds.


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