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Contacting us

You can contact us via the 'Help' section of our website. Here you'll either see our Virtual Personal Assistant or a 'Contact Us' button. If the Virtual Personal Assistant isn't available, please contact us via our Contact Support Form.

If the Virtual Personal Assistant is available, you'll see a 'bubble' icon in the bottom right corner of the page. We recommend logging into your account first.


Then, select the icon to interact with her. She can answer any queries you may have, and if you write, "I want to contact support" she'll help you reach out to us.

Contact us via desktop or mobile

To tell us your query using our desktop or latest mobile software, go to:
Help → Contact Us (in the mobile app, tap on 'Account' first)

If you're using our 'Classic' mobile app, tap on the menu (Android) or 'More' (iOS), then:
Settings & Tools → Support → Contact Support


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