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Account verification tips

To pass the electronic validation check, ensure that the information you submit on the Player Registration form is accurate.

Here are some tips that might be useful:

  • Use only standard Latin characters (A-Z) and numbers all through the Player Registration form.
  • While typing in your first name, don't input any middle names in this field. If you are commonly known by a less formal variation of your first name, try both variations (e.g.: Michael and Mike, Jonathan, Jon and John, etc.).
  • For your last name, write it as it shows on your Social Security card or ID Card. Do not input any middle names in this field.
  • When confirming the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, make sure they're in the correct order and without spaces. If you're writing this from memory, we recommend that you take a look at your Social Security card and double-check if you're entering the last 4 digits of your SSN exactly as displayed there. Also, ensure you are inputting your own SSN details (the use of third-party details is strictly against our Terms of Service).
  • Your full date of birth must be accurate and your own date of birth. It should be the date displayed on your Social Security number.


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